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Harare & Its Special Features

Harare is not just an average African city; it’s something extraordinary – tourists get to see a different side of Africa that is blended with western and African acculturations. It’s a place where one experiences an atmosphere that is indeed serene and refreshing. Harare is a clean capital city of Zimbabwe that is highly decorated […]

Johannesburg Shows Its Class with Tourists’ Attractions

Johannesburg, located in Gauteng province, is the largest city and is the economic hub of South Africa. Johannesburg has different names including Egoli, Jo’burg and Jozi. It offers a booming and happening life that makes Johannesburg a must visit place. The money matters always revolve around Johannesburg as the world’s richest gold fields were discovered […]

The Light of Africa: Johannesburg

Preparing for an overseas vacation might be a tough task to do, but once you’re done you know it is all about having fun. There are plenty of great places on earth where a vacation can be spent, almost each continent is full of significant landmarks and wonderments. Africa is one of the most visited […]

Abuja – The Charm and Grandeur

Abuja is the Capital city of Nigeria that replaced Lagos back in the year 1982. Until before 1982, Lagos had served as Nigerian capital for many decades. Abuja is a purpose built city whose construction started in 1970s and is still underway. It was thought that due to its location, Lagos could not serve the […]

Entebbe: the Vacationers’ Wonderland

Africa is a land of diverse cultures, varying terrain, amazing rituals, rare wild life species and plant species, scenic places and entertaining events and festivities. These, however, have long been unknown to many due to the underdevelopment of the continent and improper promotion of its beauty. The continent is drastically changing now and the locals […]

Visit Chad through cheap flights to Ndjamena

Whispering deserts, astonishing waterfalls, stunning beaches and many more, Africa is the place of beauty. The continent consists of some of the most striking countries of the world, in term of natural beauty, and Chad is one of them. It is located in Central Africa and is bordered with Libya, Niger, Cameroon, Central African Republic […]

Traveling To Harare through Cheap Direct Flights

Zimbabwe: If you are looking forward to spend a vacation in a place that homes attractive sights, blissful nature, diverse landscapes and exuberance; a vacation in Zimbabwe will keep you 100% satisfied. It is a landlocked country where vibrant festivals take place throughout the year and, it could be a great destination for you if […]

Accra’s Handicraft Market Delights You like No Other

Going off the high street of Accra, tourists find some of the country’s most celebrated and popular sights and sounds. The area has been popular as location of the tomb of one the greatest pan-African leaders, Kwame Nkrumah. Next to this tomb is Accra’s ever-glorious Handicraft Market. It is situated in The Center for National […]

Cape Town with Its Top Tourist’s Attraction

Cape Town’s history has long roots, with the Apartheid’s influence in the minds of its people. However, people have started to come out of the Apartheid memories to grow like other nations. The effort has started to show its brighter side in form of “Rainbow Nation” that can be felt in newer Cape Town. In […]