Eid-ul-Fitr: Great Time To Get In Touch

No culture is complete without its festivals. Be it music, film, art or religion they have a way of expressing common held values. Especially in the Western world, festivals have their own way of evolving in their types.

Festival as the word might suggest almost always is sure to contain food. In fact huge religious festivals like Eid and Christmas are categorized by country to country often on the basis of food people would like prefer. For example in Burma, a list of over a dozen Eid specialties are made with include Halwa (sweet), different soups and noodles with fish and chicken, samosa salad, exotic curries, you have to be there to believe it. On the other hand in England, a Christmas meal would include turkey, sausages, pudding and fruit cake and vegetables and minced pies.

Eid Mubarak

Eid is a beautiful time, a day when everything goes perfect. No frustrations and no thought of reaching work in the morning. It`s like one dream day when you are supposed to meet as many people as you like. Everyone is going to welcome you, and you can expect all your loved ones to come and surprise you, the sparks of commotion. Long separated relatives and friends actually scream, if you want to call it greeting, love and excitement is in the air.

Unlike the other Eid, it’s customary for small children to get candy allowance also called “Eidi.” This keeps the little ones from resenting to go to people they don’t know with accompanying elders because: “You`ll get Eidi anyway!” In India, almost all Indian households cook sweet noodle-like delicacy made with rich milk called “Sawanyan” or “Sawyan.” So no matter where you go, you can expect to quickly receive a hot bowl of Sawanyan accompanied by varied food items, which can also kind of be a surprise, because apart from the customary items, people only cook what they can best cook on their household menu. It is worth to know that Indian women spend about half of their lives in from of the stove, very hospitable but emotionally expressive people.

So with all the love and sparks around, what are the side effects of such a mega phenomenal event, well I can think of one! Unlike Christmas, prices of everything hike during month of Holy Ramadan, and that can especially true at the end of month when the Eid arrives. Still there is one off setting factor, this is Alms-giving or “Zakat.” It’s the most equitable wealth distribution system in the world where all the rich give to all the poor. But this is also strictly according to set standards, so nobody give more or less than according to their position and capability. Money stuck in a few hands can now circulate and be invested in smaller circles bringing overall stability and strength to general society.

On some Eids, people find themselves in long distance relationship blues because they are in a different city than a lot of their friends and relatives. It happens to me, but still there is no need to worry. You can expect a crowd of Eid text messages according to your social circle. So pick up that phone and send a fruity, colorful and picturesque Eid SMS greeting, and there`s not a chance that you won’t get an instant, hearty reply. Well, not unless they love you as much as you love them!


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