Celebrating Christmas with Santa Claus

Christmas is a religious festival celebrated by Christians on 25 December. It holds an immense importance in Christianity because it’s the day when Jesus Christ’s miraculous birth took place. Thus, it marks the history not only for Christianity but also for Islamic believers.


Christmas is the time of the year when all the family members get together leaving behind their busy schedule. People visit their friends and family’s big dinners are hosted and presents are exchanged. People also visit the church with their families, sing hymns and carols and also do charitable work by giving to the less fortunate. They reunite at this time of the year. This does not only hold importance for adults, Christmas is extremely popular in younger generation and kids. Children wait whole year for Christmas and behave themselves so that Santa will bring them charming presents. People decorate their houses their neighborhoods and the most popular thing is the decoration of the Christmas tree. The tradition of bringing a tree into the home and decorating it came from a fable regarding Saint Boniface.

Christmas History and Santa Claus:

As far as the history of Christmas goes it was not celebrated until the 5th century when the Roman Catholic Church ordered for this day to be celebrated.

One of the most noticeable items of Christmas is Santa Claus. All year round children around the world behave themselves and do good deeds waiting for the arrival of their beloved Santa Claus to bring them presents. People tell children stories about his goodness and generous nature and portray him as the real lover of children. Santa Claus was actually a bishop who lived in minor Asia in the 4th century his name was Nicholas. He did exist but all these magical attributes connected to him are untrue. In the old days he would put a tanjareen in a stocking that would hang at the end of their bed if they were good but if they were bad they would get a lump of coal. Children write a letter to Santa telling him how good they’ve been all year and asking for all the things they want for Christmas and then on the night Santa rides around in the sky in his slay pulled by reindeers delivering the presents by going down the chimney and putting them under the Christmas tree.

I believe that the whole idea of Santa Claus on Christmas is about sharing and giving to the less fortunate and so adults tell these stories to children to make them more generous and behave well.

What you can do this Christmas:

Christmas is all about celebrating the miraculous birth of a great prophet Jesus Christ. It’s all about spending time with your loved ones and sharing presents and sharing your joys with the people who are less fortunate than us. It’s a great time for us, as it gives us an opportunity to reunite with our dearest. On this Christmas, make sure that you wish all your fellows and loved ones by sending Christmas SMS, and not to forget the glittering gifts.

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