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Tourist’s Favorite: Cape Town

Cape Town is a lovely South African city that comprises numerous attractions. It is a legislative capital and is known as one of the top tourist destinations. Cape Town is the second most populous city in South Africa and is widely visited by tourists from all over the world. The weather conditions of the city […]

Johannesburg Shows Its Class with Tourists’ Attractions

Johannesburg, located in Gauteng province, is the largest city and is the economic hub of South Africa. Johannesburg has different names including Egoli, Jo’burg and Jozi. It offers a booming and happening life that makes Johannesburg a must visit place. The money matters always revolve around Johannesburg as the world’s richest gold fields were discovered […]

Scenic Journeys to the Scenic Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a major tourist destination and attracts millions of tourists from around the world. Also, it is the metropolitan hub of the whole of Africa. This makes influx into Johannesburg grow larger by the day. The 40th largest metropolitan city of the world has made many arrangements to not only bring in tourists but […]

Beauty of Zimbabwe

The land that reflects true Africa is Zimbabwe. It’s a landlocked country and one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. The centre of attention; Zimbabwe has gigantic waterfalls, bungee jumping sites and a vast range of Safari parks and offers beautiful sceneries, impressive culture and soothing atmosphere which attracts thousands of people from all […]

Flights to Bustling Nightlife in Lagos

Enjoying nightlife is the perfect way to get soul in your dull evening. Most of us want to get maximum fun out of their evenings and nights, so nightlife is the best thing that can happen to us. Choosing the best nightlife destination is quite a tuff job. If you are really into nightlife scene […]

Accra’s Handicraft Market Delights You like No Other

Going off the high street of Accra, tourists find some of the country’s most celebrated and popular sights and sounds. The area has been popular as location of the tomb of one the greatest pan-African leaders, Kwame Nkrumah. Next to this tomb is Accra’s ever-glorious Handicraft Market. It is situated in The Center for National […]

Cape Town with Its Top Tourist’s Attraction

Cape Town’s history has long roots, with the Apartheid’s influence in the minds of its people. However, people have started to come out of the Apartheid memories to grow like other nations. The effort has started to show its brighter side in form of “Rainbow Nation” that can be felt in newer Cape Town. In […]

The Heart of Nigeria: Abuja

Abuja: The capital city of Nigeria; Abuja is a planned city with population of almost 778,567. It is one of the wealthiest and expensive cities in Nigeria that homes many distinguishing buildings and attractions. If you’re planning to spend a memorable vacation then visit Abuja. It is incredible atmosphere, charismatic landscapes and picturesque terrain will […]