The Holy Month of Ramadan

The most pious and the holy month; Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the month of fasting and when Muslims throughout the world seek forgiveness by fasting and abstaining from bad deeds. It is the holiest period for the Islamic faith and indeed the most important part of Islam. Ramadan is […]

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Mother’s Day a Family Celebration, Make It Special for Your Mother

Mother is half of the Father/Mother team, the one who gave origin to you as a child. She is the one that changed your diaper, gave you your bottle, bathed and dressed you. She is the one who be cared for you when you were sick, wishes she could have borne your pain, but unable […]

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Easter Arrives With Candles, Bunnies & Eggs Everywhere!

Easter eggs, baby animals and baby chicks signify new life, the rabbit, or hare, reminds us of the abundant life and spring. The white blossoms (lilies) symbolize the purity of Jesus. The cross symbolizes Jesus’ victory over death. Easter hats & wearing new clothes for Easter indicates new life offered through the death and reappearance […]

Celebrating Christmas with Santa Claus

Christmas is a religious festival celebrated by Christians on 25 December. It holds an immense importance in Christianity because it’s the day when Jesus Christ’s miraculous birth took place. Thus, it marks the history not only for Christianity but also for Islamic believers. Christmas is the time of the year when all the family members […]

Diwali: World’s Vibrant Festival

Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world and is highly famous for the thriving atmosphere that one gets to experience during the occasion. This festival of lights is celebrated throughout the world by Hindus and people from other religions contribute in the celebration as well. It’s a significant festival for Hindus, […]

How Halloween Is Celebrated Worldwide

Halloween and its History: Halloween is a famous festival that is celebrated on 31 October worldwide; it is a secular festival and is also known as the “All Saints Day”. Halloween has its roots in the Celtic Beliefs of Samhain and according to the ancient Celts; it’s the time when the souls of the dead […]

Eid-ul-Fitr: Great Time To Get In Touch

No culture is complete without its festivals. Be it music, film, art or religion they have a way of expressing common held values. Especially in the Western world, festivals have their own way of evolving in their types. Festival as the word might suggest almost always is sure to contain food. In fact huge religious […]

Tourist’s Favorite: Cape Town

Cape Town is a lovely South African city that comprises numerous attractions. It is a legislative capital and is known as one of the top tourist destinations. Cape Town is the second most populous city in South Africa and is widely visited by tourists from all over the world. The weather conditions of the city […]

Harare & Its Special Features

Harare is not just an average African city; it’s something extraordinary – tourists get to see a different side of Africa that is blended with western and African acculturations. It’s a place where one experiences an atmosphere that is indeed serene and refreshing. Harare is a clean capital city of Zimbabwe that is highly decorated […]

Father’s Day: A Day with a Father

Father’s Day is one of the famous events, which are celebrated throughout the world, every year. It’s that time of the year when a father receive presents and is thanked for all the hard work which he had done for his children. Father’s Day has been celebrated since the year 1910; sons and daughters (who […]